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My name is Jessica Jones and I am an art teacher who happens to be blind. I identify myself as an artist and art instructor as opposed to a blind person. Somehow, being blind just seems to be extraneous information, much like being 5’9” or having been born in January.

Currently, I am teaching in a school for the blind and multiply “handicapped”. However, as a blind art teacher, I have worked with students who have perfect vision, are not “handicapped” in any way. What exactly is a handicap? Why does that word have such a negative connotation? In my mind, having a “dis”ability only means that I am different from the populace at large. Perhaps, in a positive rather than negative way? Because I can’t see, does that mean I should not be able to create art, to appreciate it? Because some of my students have severe neurological issues that make it impossible to hold a paint brush independently, does this mean that they can’t paint? Because some of my students are on the spectrum, does this mean they can not take pleasure in what they have created?

I am creating this blog, with the help of my friend Tod Wohlfarth, in order to illustrate the sheer artistic brilliance of my students. I want you all to see, whether you can “see” or not, that the abilities far outweigh the “dis”. I will attempt to give a detailed visual description of each photograph of the artwork, as well as information on what the intended outcome of each piece was. The production of art is a valuable teaching tool.   Making art requires choice making, problem solving and inherent discovery.


Jessica M. Jones 


Art Teacher
The Lavelle School for the Blind
Bronx, NY, 2006-present
4201 New York State school.

  • Developing art curriculum based on NewYork State art standards.
  • Teaching students ages 3.5-21 art techniques and basic art history.
  • Setting, tracking and coding annual IEP goals for all students.
  • Using the production of art to reinforce: choice-making, speech, fine motor skills, basic life skills and problem-solving.
  • Working with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Children’s Museum and The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum to reinforce students’ academic and art curriculum.
  • Developing and facilitating an outreach program: instructing students on how to teach basic art skills to residents of Regis Care Center with dementia.
  • Setting year-long goals for students to produce work for art shows and competitions.


PS 9
New York, NY, 2004-2006
New York City public school.

  • After school art program teaching elements of sculpture to grades K-5.


Stanton Street Settlement
New York, NY, 2005-2007
Community outreach organization.

  • Teaching of basic principles of art and art history to at-risk students ages 4-13.


New York Institute for Special Education
Bronx, NY, October 2005-February 2006
4201 New York State school.

  • Internship under existing art teacher, George Dubinsky.
  • Developed lesson plans and instructed visually impaired/blind students ages 5 to 21 in general art principles, studio art and art history.


Photography Instructor
Kingsbrook Medical Center
Brooklyn, NY, 2005-2006
Hospital-attached residence. 

  • Low Light photography and photographic history instructor to elderly residents.
  • Development of shows of student work.

Seeing With Photography Collective
Based at Selis Manor, New York City housing development for the blind.

  • Teaching Low Light photography workshops to the blind and visually impaired: University de la Venezuela Central, Caracas, Venezuela, and Artists with Disabilities Gallery, Atlanta, GA.


Art Teacher
PS 9
New York, NY, 1999-2002
New York City public school.

  • Teaching of art classes to children grades K-5.
  • Development of curriculum and instruction in all aspects of basic art principles, studio art and art history based on New York State art standards.
  • Using the production of art to engender literacy.
  • Facilitation and employment of Annenburg grant.
  • Affiliation with both The Museum of Modern Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art: visiting museum educators, artists and museum tours based on student academic curriculum.


Mercy College Summer Camp for Accelerated Students
Hastings, NY 2000
Summer Camp.

  • Teaching of advanced art techniques and art history to accelerated New York State high school students.


Camp Compass
New York State, 1998 and 1999
Summer Camp affiliated with Northern Lights.

  • Teaching of art to children and families with HIV.
  • Cabin counselor.
  • Counselor to children.


Studio Manager, Custom Printer

Hoebermann Studio Inc.
New York, NY, 1995-1999
Photography Studio.

  • A studio primarily used for headshots whose clientele consists of actors, musicians and artists.
  • Responsible for all aspects of management, including photographic suppliers, studio maintenance and catering. Also responsible for all photographic printing.

MA, Art Education, New York University, New York, NY 1999
BFA, Photography and Art History, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA 1994

Art Education, K-12

Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet, JAWS, Kurzweil

*References furnished upon request.